Open a web page within FPMI application

I would like to open a web page within my FPMI application. I’ve used the openURL but it opens a seperate window. I would like the web page to open within my application.

FactoryPMI does not include a web browser. However, the Document Viewer component may satisfy your needs since it works with basic HTML including images. It doesn’t always work perfectly with CSS style sheets.

You can set the URL as a property. It will not work with: Javascript, ActiveX controls, Flash, and other browser plugins. It also may have issues if the site requires that you authenticate. If you need any of the above, use the Jython function to open up a web browser.

I just want to clarify here that FactoryPMI is web-launched. That is, it is a full-fledged application running on the client’s computer, launched from a webpage. It is not a webpage itself. So, opening a webpage “in your application” doesn’t really make sense, except for the notable exception of the Document Viewer component.

Just wanted to clear that up.

My application has a header bar, and a side bar (modified the skeleton application) and the main window resides inside these. I need the web page to come up with maximized just like any other window of my application. The openURL does not do this. The document view does not allow you to maximize it as far as I can tell so if a screen resolution is different, then the document viewer will show up differently.

What you would do in this case is put the document viewer inside a window. Set the layout of the document viewer to anchored, and anchor it to all 4 sides of the window. Then, stretch it to fill the window. Now make sure your window is set to Open Maximized. The document viewer will now always fill the available space inside the header and left bar.

Hope this helps,