Open a website on ignition perspespective using a button

Hello, I want open a web site on ignition perspective with a python script with a button action.
I don’t want use a link component

I think you can just use

system.perspective.navigate(url="") - does this work?

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For future reference: The script console in the designer is a terrible way to test code for Perspective action scripts–it is the wrong scope. It can be suitable for testing Vision code, as the scope is closely related.


Or the navigation thingie that seems to be built for exactly that:

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my script will have to retrieve the link of the website in the database

Based on what ?
You could bind a custom prop to the query, then use that custom prop in the panel I showed above.

Use Brian’s answer. You can’t use local java operations (like BrowserLauncher) to cause actions in a Perspective session. Only Vision can do that.

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I tryied but this method don’t work

Of course that won’t work in the script console–the script console is not a Perspective scope. Put that in a script action on a Perspective pushbutton. (Or wherever.)

Let me repeat: The designer’s script console is a terrible tool for testing scripts for Perspective. Don’t use it for Perspective.


I put that in a script action on a Perspective it work thank you