Open a window with Tree View

Is there a way that allows me to click on the path and access a window?
for example, in the following screenshot, I want when I click on ‘barx’ to open a window.
I have tried but without success.


When populating your Tree View you could add a column “window” to the dataset where you store the wanted window for each element. Then you add a mouseClicked event in your Tree Vew like that:

if event.clickCount == 2:	#react to double clicks only
	if event.source.selectedItem > -1:
		system.nav.swapTo(, "window"))


Thanks for your reply.
but what I want to do is put a path in the root folder. In the screenshot I attached, I want the ‘barx’ folder to have a window path too

Instead of

if event.source.selectedItem > -1:

you can check for

if event.source.selectedPath:

This gives you the path also for your folders. The windows to navigate to could be stored in a dataset memory tag.

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thanks you. resolved.