Open an application with a button?


I have a MYSQL database table with more than 60 columns. When i try to display the same table, it displays all the columns with hardly any width and no data visible. It decreases the column width to accommodate all the columns on the screen.
**Screenshot attached

Is there a work around for this to adjust column width??

Alternatively,I intend to display only a few columns and have a button that opens an external application (navicat) for the user to view entire table. Is that possible??


Right, there is a property on the table called Auto-Resize Mode which is set to Subsequent Columns by default. That means all of the columns try to fit in the width of the table. You can change the property to Off where you will get a scroll bar at the bottom of the table. Try changing that property.


To open a separate application, you can use the system.util.execute function.

The trick to that, however, is that the application must be installed on the machine that the client is running on. If a client is launched on a different machine and that program isn’t installed, the call will generate an error.



Hey Thanks a lot guys. I tried both the solutions and both worked fine.
Thanks again