Open an Intranet Address from Ignition

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I have been asked to create a page that can link to an address on our local network. I have looked through the forum and have read about a Web Browser Module. is this necessary to launch from within the local network also?

The Web Browser module is for embedding a website inside your Vision application. If you just want to launch a browser with a URL, it is not needed.

Take a look at @PGriffith 's response in this thread.

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From a “Home” window in our application, they have requested a button to open another window that will show a schedule that is on the local network. On this window there will also be a button to get back to the “Home” window.
This is possible without the web browser?
I did not see where to put the Local Network address below.

I presume this is referring to Perspective since Vision would be an application rather than a web page. If this is the case, you can use a link component or a button to navigate to your intranet address

This is for Vision. I was referring to a Window in my Vision Application. Sorry for the misunderstanding… I want to open the address from above inside of My Vision Application on a separate Window.

You need the web browser module to do this.

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OK. That is what I was wondering. I noticed that there has been some confusion on some posts where to find the module. Can you direct me to the location of the Module?
Thank you…

It’s in the modules section. Change the version or check the archive tab if you’re not on 8.0.14.

Thank you for your assistance. Found it easily.