Open Console Window Automatically

Hey all,

Is there a way to open up the console window programmatically or send print statements to a text box somehow on a window? I have a pretty long running process that FTP’s into controllers and downloads text files and I have the loop printing out how much time it took for logging into each controller, writting each file, etc… and that all prints into the console nicely and I know where to go to see it which is great. But on the window itself there is just a indeterminate bar bouncing back and forth, which doesn’t tell the operator much information. I’d like to show what I’m printing into the console on the window somehow, has anyone ever done something like that?


You could call the system.gui.openDiagnostics() function. Or instead of printing your data you could send it to a Document Viewer component.


Hmmm… interesting. I will have to play around with the document viewer and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the suggestions, Nick!