Open file dialogues when using the script console

Whenever I open the script console in the designer I'm prompted to open a file from an open file dialogue. I typically hit cancel and that's the end of it, but lately the pop up has been reappearing and interrupting my work flow. If I close the script console the problem goes away, but when I'm trying to work with the script console it is a massive pain. Is there a setting somewhere that I can adjust to remove this behavior?

Correction: This behavior is seen while editing scripts anywhere.

You probably have something calling system.file.openFile() at the top level of one of your script modules. Or similar action that wants to open a file.

FWIW, that usually means someone doesn't understand the life cycle of script modules. Script modules are run through when anything within them is first referenced. That is for initialization. Any actual content that is needed to be run when called from elsewhere is supposed to be in defined functions. Vision's event handlers (other than new-style extension functions and custom methods) are written at the top level, so there's some habits established that don't work when moving code into project scripts.

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I found a start up script one of my colaborators had written that was opening the file dialog. I don't know to what end, but for now it has been commented out. Thanks for the help.