Open multi window (1 window + 1 popup)


I would like to know if its possible to set de location of an ADE popup. I want to open two window at the same time, one window ive create for my project, and one ADE popup. It works with this code, but i cant set de location of the popup window. When I tried “window2.setLocation(x,y)”, it says “set location does not exist for nontype”.

window = (Ade.Nav.OpenDevicePopup(event.source.parent.TagPath))
param1 = event.source.parent.DeviceTag.Path
param2 = event.source.parent.DeviceTag2.Path
window1 = system.nav.openWindowInstance(‘ELD/Popups/EldPopSel751a’, {‘DeviceTagPath’ : param2})
*x = 100 *
*y= 200 *

The code you shared doesn’t include a window2–only window and window1.