Open Multiple Popups

Hey y’all,

A customer has asked how to open multiple popups in perspective. I’ve search but came up empty and haven’t had much luck getting two to open on a screen.

Their goal is to open a popup for Valve A and Valve B in the same window.

Thank you,

I don’t follow, you can open as many popup views as you want, as far as i am aware. If you were to do this with a button you would just add two popup actions. Perhaps if you share more of what exactly you are trying to do, we could help.

It may be the settings we are using, but opening two popups at once in perspective hasn’t worked for me.

I can open a popup for a valve and a popup for a analog sensor, but I can’t get two valves to popup.

What if you try this simple test, create a button and add two popup actions like this:

Thank you for the screen shot, but 1 button to open two popups isn’t ideal for our scenario.

Reading the documents, we may change our ‘id’ via the script function to open a popup, that way a templated popup can have its own identifier.

I’ll get to test this this afternoon and will update the thread.

So we found that updating the identifier for each popup request did what we were looking for.