Open on startup issues Perspective Workstation - Advantech

Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone else has had this problem and can point me in the right direction. I have utilized Ignition EDGE on quite a few Advantech Panel PCs as well as Onlogic Panel PCs in the past with zero issue, however I find myself hitting a brick wall.

Scope: Utilizing Ignition Workstation I setup the shortcut to open Perspective automatically on my Panel PCs upon startup in kiosk mode. Utilizing copy and paste of the desktop short cut into Win+R - shell:startup. This method has worked perfectly on quite a few dozen Panel PCs.

Problem: I have an Advantech TPC-1751T-E3BE that I have installed the Workstation on. I have gone through and made a copy of the shortcut in the startup folder. restarted the Panel PC and it starts to load the Perspective program, it gets to ‘Initializing browser | Creating browser instances’ and then just shuts down. I have made sure Java is up dated, that all my drivers and windows up dates are up, That my browser was a good browser (not even sure this matters with workstation). I have attempted to remove the startup shortcut and make a regedit entry to make it start. all end up making to Creating browser instances and basically crash. I have 2 additional workstations that I followed the exact same shell:startup procedure on and they boot no issues. I thought maybe it was windowed compared to kiosk mode and both ways result in the same outcome. I tried doing the DISM and SFC sleanup to see if the updates caused the problem. I finally set up my web browser to open on start up and that worked which has led me to the forums.

Has anyone else had this experience and do they know a fix, i have spent close to 8 hours fighting this and just can’t seem to find the fix. I apologize if this topic has been covered, I did not find it when searching the forums.

If one unit is a problem and the same stuff works on multiple others, that suggests a physical problem with that unit. What does Advantech Support say?

I didn’t see that you’d tried this, but does workstation start if you start it manually?

Yes it will. As soon as it’s failed to start I’ve opened it immediately via desktop shortcut.

I agree with your statement, still waiting for response from them. Figured I would reach out on here to see if anyone had run up against this. It’s just so strange that it only happens with Perspective.