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Hello. I am working on a project where I want users to log in to see their credentials and set the respective settings. I am using a navigation bar to navigate the pages throughout the project, however, I want the screen to be blank/have a dummy screen with a login pop up on start up. I can not seem to find where to set this as it continues to start the application with the navigation bar, a page on the navigation bar and the login popup in front. This makes it really hard to see the login popup as the page itself it rather busy.

If I understand what you are saying, you want the customer to see what their known username is as presented by Active Directory ( which comes from the Windows or other environment outside of Ignition and is brought in at initial sign-on ) and then key in their matching password ( or be prompted to change the username then password ). Following that, you want ‘blank or dummy screens’ in case someone has left their station logged on. That part can be accomplished in Ignition Designer>Designer Interface>About Project Properties learning Designer Project Properties Designer General Window Editing. So you may want to start at unless you are using an older version. Hint: the default color mapping is just that- a default which could be changed with a tiny button. Note that Client Launching , Login, User Interface, and Timing are in the same Pane for Properties of the Project.

I included a picture below to show what I am experiencing. I want this log in page to just show the popup before navigating to the data load page behind it.

I have a blank screen that is set to open on start up, but it does not show. I believe this is because of the navigation tool on the left.

This was covered in a lesson about Window Navigation. Just a moment or two… Before the next message, I have been advised to present this alternative: then The Policy section in the lower left hand corner of the options. You may have priority access to experts through Support, which could expedite your results. covers that subject far better than I could without spending a week on a customized response. At the Open/create Project window, New Project Setup Tab, Project *TEMPLATE ( for Window selections) has a DROPDOWN list that is Blank by default. If this is not what you need to look at, there are various Scripting functions which could be called repeatedly to ensure that the Popup is presented after a certain amount of idle time. There is another manual section that talks about hiding the menu bar, yet that is just a small portion of the screen that you wish would show nothing except the popup.

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, these properties (and through the videos) were not specifically what I was looking for. I will contact support shortly.

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Here is what applies best, as far as I can understand:
That would clear things out from the top down, but you would still need to adjust the Pop-Up size in the User part of the Client ( from Properties window ). The support folks should be better than I at getting your windows where you want them.