Open Perspective popup as new browser page

Is it possible to open a popup as a new browser page or tab? Currently the popups in perspective are bound to the browser page they’re opened in but I would like to be able to move a popup away from the session browser page to a different monitor, for example.

You could make it a page and put some functionality on it to open that popup in a new tab? Like a button or event I’m thinking

Ah yes, that works. Is it possible to control the where it opens? I would like to behave like a popup so it opens more like a new window on top of the session.

Thats out of my knowledge but my workaround would be to have it be a normal popup and have somewhere on the popup you can double click or something (to avoid changing how it looks) that will open it in a new tab. That way you keep the pop-up functionality but can also bring it to a new tab like you wanted, doesn’t solve that you would have to move it manually, but that might be possible through scripting

@asher_hounsell does seem to provide a solid approach: some sort of trigger within the Popup which opens the new page in a separate tab and immediately closes the Popup. I personally recommend links for something like this because they’re what people seem to be familiar with when opening a new page, but you could use anything to trigger the action.

That makes sense, I’m not sure how to make it navigate to a new tab though. I tried system.perspective.navigate(view = 'Templates/Navigation/Events', newTab = True) function from my trigger (a button) but it just changes the view on my current tab.

You need to use page navigation. View navigation will only ever work within the current central view.

system.perspective.navigate(page='/url/from/page/config', newTab=True)
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