Open popup for every 5 sec based on tag change

When the tag value changes, I want to open the popup for every 5 seconds in perspective. Please suggest how this can be done.


You are mixing "on tag change" and "every five seconds". Please elaborate.

"In Perspective". OK. Every page on every session gets this popup? Only some pages? Only some locations, perhaps? Please elaborate.

Consider instead using a status bar which could be a footer view across all windows. Have a look at the very professional looking Perspective Utility Scripts by Ryan McLaughlin in the Ignition Exchange.

I would not recomment it, but you can do it. Add a custom property with an expresion structure binding

  "type": "expr-struct",
  "config": {
    "struct": {
      "tagValue": "{[default]path/to/some/tag}",
      "timestamp": "now(5000)"
    "waitOnAll": true
  "transforms": [
      "expression": "if({value}[\"tagValue\"],{value}[\"timestamp\"],false)",
      "type": "expression"

Then on this custom add a change script that will look like this

if currentValue.value:

Every page on every session should get the popup.

This does not look like good GUI design. What's the point of it disappearing after 5 s. If nobody is looking for 5 s then nobody will see it. Why not do a proper alarm and acknowledge or handle the alarm by status bar header or footer (which means that it will be common to all views without duplicate effort)?