Open popup on specific location after dragging, closing and re-open

Hi, I have a popup that I want to open on a floating position different from center. By unchecking the defaut option “and center” on compenent scripting it opens on the Location from the configuration of the window property (x=0,y=0 ) as expected. But if I drag the popup to another position, close it and re-open. It keeps the last position of were it was dragged and not the default configuration.

I have found this on documentation

Location The location that this window will open up at. Only applicable to floating windows that are not set to start maximized. Also, you must un-check the “Center Window” checkbox on the open-window navigation action in order for this location to take effect

Scripting name startingLocation

Data type Point

How do I set the “Point” Datatype?

I solved it and it was actually pretty easy. Just made 2 lines code on popup event handlers scripting on visionWindowOpened and Closed and it is:

window = system.gui.getParentWindow(event)

It’s hard to find out for beginners

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