Open same client on multiple monitors with specific UDT instance as a parameter to the window (if connected) with one button click

With the click of a button on navigation window, I need to open three more clients on three other attached monitors, if they are connected, to the same computer that the current client is running on. On each monitor, the project opens a window whose parameter is a UDT instance, that the window represents. How to check for how many monitors are connected? How to open the same window on a separate monitor? How do you pass the right instance of the UDT to the correct monitor?


Hey Srinivasa!

We actually designed the example on this user manual page to help answer the certification test question.

Check it out, and see what you make of it!

Of course the example isn’t the exact script that you need to use, but it is very close. With just a few modifications, you can get it working on your project too.


Hi Paolo,

I will check it out.

Thank You