Open second project in new window

I need to launch a second ignition project and keep the first one open.
The system.util.retarget function successfully opens the second project, but closes the first project.
Is there a way to open the second project while keeping the first one open?


Check this

My fundamental question would be why this is strictly necessary (if you have something you need in project B, why not just add it to project A?) but the only way to do this would be creating an entire new client instance - which would probably have to be done from the command line using the system.util.execute function.

Thanks PGriffith, I was considering the command line option. I think that’s what I’ll have to do.

Thanks Keith, however the Multi-Monitor functions seem to only allow opening the same project, not one on a different gateway.

PGriffith, the reason I need this is because I have a central ignition gateway project that provides reports and dashboards on the status of multiple sites. At each site there is a seperate ignition gateway running it’s own project. The central users want to connect to each site as needed to see exactly what the site operator is doing, while leaving the central project running. Yes, I could recreate the pages in the central project, but then I would have to create them and maintain 2 sets of pages.


My apologies I misinterpreted your post. I was not thinking separate projects. Just a new client of the same project.

Hi! I have a question. Did you solve the problem? I have the same.

Please help.

Follow Paul’s link to system.util.execute().

Hi Richard, yes, this was the only way I could get it to work: system.util.execute().

Your link doesn’t work. Can I have some details ?