Open Source Java

Does any documentation exist that shows how to remove Oracle’s Java and install Zulu or OpenJDK? I need to remove Oracle Java but do not know what all installing the other versions entails.

I currently have Ignition version 7.9.5

This link was released when 7.9 was widely in use:

The details lists that starting with 7.9.10, Java is embedded (Server side).

Even with no support contract, you can upgrade to 7.9.10 or later for free.

Furthermore, see this thread for additional info, including install script if you are using Linux:

It’s embedded in the launchers, so for Vision Client and Designer.

You still need to install some version of Java 8 for the server. OpenJDK 8 works just fine for replacing Oracle.

Starting in Ignition 8 we embed it everywhere. You don’t even have to think about Java any more.


We will purchase 8.1 by the end of this year but that is for another deployment. I have to use this version until second quarter next year. Is ignition.config the only place I need to modify to point to the OpenJDK? If not, where all do I need to change in order for this to work?

Apologies for the delayed response. It has been a busy week on the plant floor.

Modifying ignition.conf is the only place you need to make the Ignition Gateway point to a specific JDK.

If you need to move the Vision Client or Designer away from Oracle Java then I’d suggest upgrading to the latest 7.9 release and then using the launchers. Otherwise you’re going to have to manage that on your own on every machine that will launch a Vision Client or Designer.