Open two docks side by side at the same time on one edge

Is it possible to open two docks side by side at the same time on one edge? I simply do this in Vision.
like example below that shown Info dock and edit node panel at the same time.

Are you asking for Perspective? If so, then no. A “rule” of Perspective is that only one Docked View may be expanded on any given side at any given time.

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A planned future container type would allow you to open multiple views in a split pane that would work something like what you’re describing, though.

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Speaking of planned future container, do you have any plan for a container that can zoom in/out and pan by user and expose zoom level so it can be bind to object visibility? As I know zoom level of browser different from browser to browser, so make a container is better option for cluttering.

Has this been implemented yet?

No. I’m not sure where the feature is on the backlog, but generally Perspective priorities right now are bug fixes/stability/performance over new component/container types (with a few exceptions that have been conspicuous gaps since Perspective was first released).

Has there been any progress on this lately?

The Split Container nearly made the 8.1.16rc, but was bumped last-minute to 8.1.17. That container would allow for this sort of side-by-side View display. There is no plan to allow for multiple docked views to be displayed on one edge at this time.