Open window in a new location

How can I specify where a new window opens? It seems like openWindow() only places a window where it was last saved in the designer.

This is best accomplished in 2 steps. openWindow() will return a reference to the window opened. You can then call setLocation(x,y) on it.

window = fpmi.gui.openWindow('My Popup Window')

It worked! I made a window for fun that used numeric labels to set the x and y position, used a dropdown list to select the window then had a button to open the selected window at the user defined location.

A few other Java object fucntion options from here (1.4.2) or here (1.5.0)

setBounds(int x, int y, int width, int height) - Moves and resizes this component.

setLocation(int x, int y) - Moves this component to a new location.

setSize(int width, int height) - Resizes this component so that it has width width and height height.

setVisible(boolean b) - Shows or hides this component depending on the value of parameter b.

There are many other similar isFunctions() and getFunctions()