Open window

good afternoon

I have a question.

how do I open a window when an alarm is activated?


This example uses any unacknowledged alarm…

Create DB Tag to count number of unacknowledged alarms:

Client script to open window if more than zero alarms exist:

If you are looking for just just one alarm, you can use the AlertActive property of the SQLTag you are using in a Client Change Tag script:

Good morning Jordan

I did as you suggested but I did not work I’ll be doing something wrong.

is there another way to do it.

what I want is that when an alarm to open a screen, with each alarm is a different screen.

can you help me with this.


Is the [1] you have in your script the SQLTag provider name?

Also, Client scripts do not run in the Designer. Be sure the project is saved and run the project as a Client.

ok thaks