Opening a 'window' in a specific 'desktop'

I’m making changes to a very old project, I’m trying write a script to a button that opens a “window” in a different “desktop” than the one containing the button.

You need to get a reference to that separate desktop and run the appropriate method from that reference:

I did that when I was trying to close a window in a specific desktop by doing:

target_window = system.gui.desktop('dsk_name').getWindow('win_name')

When attempting to open a window in a specific desktop however I was able to get it working with the following code:


That last is kinda strange. I would have expected you to use:


Note the similarity between system.gui.desktop and system.nav.desktop.

I just found it in the documentation for Multi-Monitor Client and yes it’s exactly what you just mentioned. I appreciate all your help!