Opening Closing windows

Hey guys, So I’ve been working with “Multi Tier Nav West” template and The navigation menu is great and all but sometimes I rather close it like for TV’s on the plant floor I don’t have a need for the Navigation menu to be open, Now I know in the Property Editor of the the actual Navigation window you can select the “closable” option so that way in the client you can just click on navigation menu and in the toolbar under “windows” you can click on close Navigation. That’s all great but now I’m looking for a way to be able to reopen it with probably click of a button.
I need to be able to open and close that window, I thought about using the visible property of the root container but that just makes it invisible, I want it closed so everything else in the window could have more room and also open it when needed. I feel like scripting is the only option right?

if (event.source.selected == 0):

Something like that… This worked fine when I first clicked on it, it closed the navigation windows but it wouldn’t open it, kept saying the windows is not currently open.
I’m using v 7.8.0 right now. Thanks in advance

Ok, quick reply, so I created a button and under scripting opting when mouse button clicked it runs


It works great, navigation window opens and when I deselect the check box it closes but for some reason when i click the check box it doesn’t open the window and it keep saying the window is closed.
worse case I’ll go with two button option but I kinda rather have one check box to open and closes it you know.

Now Just a thought, is it possible to add other functions to the little menu bar in client, so line in the “windows” section maybe be able to add “Open Navigation”??? Just a thought :scratch:

Client Event Scripts
Menu Bar.

umm… yeah of course it’s that simple :unamused: how did I miss that?.. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Thanks a bunch that is a way better way of doing what I need to do. cheers! :thumb_left: