Opening Designer


I am just started to have a problem opening designer when I can click the link from the Ignition Gateway it IE ask me to open or save when I select open it opens an XML file in IE. This started happening after unintalling a 64 Bit version of ignition and installing the 32 bit version on a windows 64 bit 2008 server so that I can used the OPCCom class. I did uninstalled java 32 bit and installed java 32 bit.

Any ideas.


It seems IE doesn’t know what to do with the .jnlp file extension. You need to setup a mapping to open jnlp files using javaws.exe from the bin directory of the Java installation.

It will probably set this up for you if you remove all Java installations and install it from scratch. Close IE before doing that.

Thanks Travis that seems to fix the problem.