Opening File Explorer on Client PC

Hello! I am trying to have a button in a perspective window open to a specific file explorer folder on the client pc. I have tried a few different solutions including system.util.execute and python library subprocess but haven't been able to get either to work. No errors are thrown but no explorer windows open either.

Whats the best way to open file explorer on the client PC from Ignition perspective?


Here is an example. This works as expected in script console and opens up File Explorer to the correct directory. When I try to implement on a button in a view, nothing happens:

import subprocess
subprocess.Popen(r'explorer /open,"C:\Test"')

It is unlikely you are going to be able to get this to work. All scripts in Perspective run on the gateway and do not have access to the filesystem on the client computer.

@mcgheeiv is correct.

In Perspective, if you need a client to upload a file, use the File Upload Component.

You cannot. Browsers do not permit this.

If you use Vision instead of Perspective, it is trivial.