Opening Ignition Client on Plant(i.e., Private ) Network

Hi All,

I am running Ignition gateway server on Windows Server R2012, its’ running well on this platform and SCADA is also running without any glitches. Now management wish to launch SCADA/Client on other PCs’ in network to monitor run-time data. What sort of modifications need to be done to make it happen?

The end result you’re looking for is that the server is on the same logical network (IP range) as the users.

Assuming you have a standard Vision module licensed, the number of clients is unlimited.

That’s about as good of an answer as possible without knowing more about our architecture.

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I will make the assumption that you are referring to your plant having 2 separate networks and you would like to give client access to the other network.

If this is indeed what you are looking for then you need to have a second NIC (Network Card) in the server that connects to the second network.

This is how our plant operates to keep the automation network separate from the company Domain network. It does not allow clients from either network see the other network but does give access to the ignition client from both networks.