Opening Perspective access to the internet

I would like to know if you ever used perspective out of your Gateway network or local network via Internet. If yes, could you please share how you did it. I am at a stage where I can open my perspective from any device on my Wi-Fi network by opening a port. My next step is to access it out of the network. Kindly advice.

You need to have a public IP address (and appropriate security) on your gateway. Have you?

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I don't have a public IP. How do I get one or establish one? And I am expecting an SSL certificate as the Security you mentioned. I am clueless. Kindly advice.

Thank you.


I found out my Public IP address. Could I get some guidance for the later steps?

Your question is probably beyond the scope of the forum and you've asked it in the wrong thread anyway. [Moved to new thread by moderator.]
If you have a public IP address then you would need to create port forwarding on your router to the Ignition gateway's IP address on port 8088.

There are many tutorials on the Internet and YouTube for this and you should be able to find one for your router. Be aware that your gateway (and the rest of your network) is exposed and may become the victim of cyber attack. This is probably not a good beginner's project.


Echoing this. You must know what you're doing to do this safely, and not knowing what you're doing can lead to serious problems.

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The problem is that your gateway doesnot have a public ip address. maybe it's on intrenat or it's on mobile LTE which by default is on CGNAT.
Also you may not be able to open the port or create port forwarding to your webserver.

Try to steps below if you are setup a pilot system:

  1. Host a openVPN access server on the cloud, setup the port forward.
  2. Install openVPN client on your gateway and open the ports.
  3. Bridge DNS or domain to the public IP address on the cloud.
  4. you should then be able to access the gateway via your domain name followed by port 8088.

For professional project case, use a professional VPN service provider, like Tosibox.
They will setup a VPN server, called VCL and bridge with your cloud based ignition server, then you can access your gateway safety from anywhere via VPN tunnel.

For home stuff, I use Tailscale VPN. It's super easy to setup and free. I won't pretend to know how it works, but you just install it in all of your devices and log in, and voila, you get access to your devices from anywhere

yeah better use a VPN.
Unless your project really is ment to become a website, but then you probably wouldnt have made it in ignition

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I might not need the entire gateway over internet. How about just the perspective? I thought accessing over internet is one of the major features of perspective. Please advice. Thanks

No, accessing via modern mobile devices is the big change for Perspective. Vision can talk to a gateway that is exposed on the internet, too. That part isn't a Perspective thing.

No matter what is doing the talking, Ignition needs to be secured for public internet use. The simplest way to do that is to use a VPN. The next simplest is to use a selective proxy (but not really very simple).

You need to understand internet security or you will suffer for it. Ignition doesn't magically erase that requirement.