OpenJDK and Linux

Given that OpenJDK 8 is now the recommended version of Java for Ignition I gave it another try on Ubuntu 16.04 with KDE. It caused just as many problems as when I tried it before, with Java heap space errors and random freezes and crashes. I stuck it for just over a day before I reverted to Oracle Java which doesn’t cause any of these issues.

How have others found OpenJDK on Linux?

I’ve been running it with no problems for a few weeks, but I force all of my systems to use G1GC. That might be the secret sauce.
Update: Ubuntu Server 16.04

Are you having problems with clients or the gateway?

Both! The heap space errors were on the client and the designer was freezing. This is currently on Ignition 7.9.4.

Are you using OpenJDK 9 Phil?

OpenJDK 8. In my laptop, it’s gentoo’s version packaged as ‘icedtea-bin’. If you are using the native client launcher, you can add jvm-args="-XX:+UseG1GC" to the command line in your shortcuts.

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I’ll give that a go.