Operations Help Documentation

I want to redirect operators to a wiki of sorts when they receive alarms or maybe on components(like a little question mark in the corner they can click to open a document with help about that specific thing). It can't be an actual wiki or external at all as it will include very very sensitive information about operations and how processes work. Maybe a PDF that directs to a page? But then if I change the pages I'll have to change all the references unless you can reference headings. It also has to be accessible outside of Vision and offline so maybe a function that opens a PDF to a certain part? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated thanks!

Consider breaking your information (PDFs, perhaps) into manageable chunks and loading them into your DB as blobs. Within Vision, you can efficiently load them into the PDF viewer from a NamedQuery. If you are careful, you can make that same NamedQuery supply the same PDF fragments to a web browser using my Blob Server module.

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Who will be responsible for maintaining the information? Are there change control processes in place to make sure there is a single-source-of-truth, that changes follow the approval process, that changes are trained on, that changes are synchronized with the physical process changes, ...?

This reminds me of a large project I was on a while back that used SharePoint as the storage and workflow for all of the drawings and SOPs. How to display the SOP on a screen (or even if they would be allowed to cover up the HMI data with the SOP - maybe on screen 4 only...) would have been a very part of that project.