Operator feedback

Has anybody created some sort of “messaging” system, so that operator can report when they see something unusually?
For example, when the night shift operator sees some unusual behavior on the plant, they will write a message to the maintenance team. When maintenance people come to work next morning they can look at the messages and see what the night shift operator has written. Then they can look at the ‘problem’, solve it and write back to that operator that is solved.
I was looking at the forum, but all I was able to find was PerfectChat from @nmudge. While his chat is very good, I would like to have something more ‘permanent’ so you can look back and see past reports/feedbacks from operators… maybe a chat over SQL…?

How would one even start to approach this?

If I remember correctly, Travis Cox in his webinar on SQLBridge module or one of his blogs, has demonstrated how to build a chat application between Ignition clients using SQLBrdge. Could that meet your requirement? Don’t know if @nmudge’s PerfectChat is same thing!

This is pretty straightforward to do using a database.

I created a workorder screen for a SCADA system that would allow operators to note issues or changes that they want made. Because the data is being stored in a database it will be ‘permanent’.

It also means that any client can see what workorders are “active” an which ones are “Completed”.

There’s a stock component you can use/customize to your scenario:

You do have to create a db table, and possibly some additional filtering if you wanted to filter by equipment/area etc.

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Ouch… I feel ashamed… :slight_smile:
I didn’t even think that this is already in the Ignition so I didn’t look at the manual…

No worries! There’s a lot of things that exist in the user manual, and it’s really hard to know what’s available without spending a lot of time in there.