Opinions needed for Wireless Sensors

I’m looking at deploying wireless g-force sensors on company forklifts to log collisions. I’m looking at a company called Monnit. They have some affordable wireless sensors, and an ethernet gateway that says it has MODBUS TCP interface. This should be able to connect to Ignition right? The gateway is here. The sensor I’m looking at is here. Thoughts, experiences, suggestions please. Thanks

I briefly skimmed this manual. https://monnit.azureedge.net/content/documents/userguides/Monnit-Ethernet-Gateway-v3.0-Advanced-Settings.pdf
It lists the MODBUS TCP port as 3500. And it clearly describes what the registers in the 4000x range mean.
Most Device Manufactures poorly document Ports and Registers so I would think this device “Should work”

Call Monnit and ask if you can borrow an evaluation device? Or maybe they have local sales folks to let you see a device?


You must start with a pilot project and evaluate both MODBUS TCP and MQTT. I love MQTT for large scale IoT projects.

I’ve signed up for a free webinar they are having today. I also found this link, which allows integration to other software packages. I’m definitely not a software/network guru, so I will have my work cut out for me on this one.