Opt-Dataset on Data property of a Table

I have a table component which displays some values returned from a stored procedure, based on user-selected parameters. It seems that if the stored procedure returns above a certain amount of rows (seems to be around 10k), the Data property on the table changes from a Dataset to an Opt-Dataset. When this happens, the NULL values returned are coming through as NaN (instead of blank), which displays as a box symbol in the table component, indicating that the ASCII symbol it wants to display cannot be found. When a smaller number of rows is returned, the empty cells display as blank, which is the desired behavior for my application.

I couldn’t find any documentation on this feature, is it known? What is an Opt-Dataset?

The OptimizedDataset (which kicks in when the row count >= 10000) is more efficient for sending the dataset from the gateway to the client. For numeric and date columns, a side effect is that it indeed changes nulls to NaN as you discovered.

The box symbol is probably not desired behavior. :smiley: I’ll create a bug ticket for that.