Optebiz demo video - how is made the left menu


Subject is self explanatory…
Or any idea to make a dhtml like menu, best database driven ?


Post me a link to the video and Ill tell you how to do it

Hi Kyle,

Glad to hear you.
The video is the following : inductiveautomation.com/videos/video/53/6. Go to 10’.


It looks to be a tree view component with 2 custom icons for the open and closed icons. You just have to find icons similar to the ones he used, and your off to the races.

The actual structure would come from your database, or it can be pre-defined. This part would also be trivial once you took a look at the component itself.

Hi Kyle,

Yes, this is the solution but I can’t see how to remove the “child” plus sign.

Thank you

This post should help you out. Instead of setting your custom icon, just set it to None and I think it’ll get rid of the plus/minus icons. The downside is that it’ll affect all trees, not just your nav tree…

Not exactly sure what the Optebiz guys did, they do some pretty magical stuff. Maybe they’ll share their secrets? :wink:

Yes, I’ve seen this post. One should do something with this.
I keep both possibilities.