Optimal Strip Size

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I am setting up a HP server which I will install Proxmox (hypervisor) to create 2 virtual machines (Debian Linux). One for Ignition and the other for PostgreSQL (Historian).
The server has 4 HDDs of 1 TB.
I am going to create a RAID 10 and I would like to know what the optimal "Strip Size" would be, taking into account that a SCADA will be developed for about 10000 tags (75% float, 25% boolean), with a read/write frequency of 5 seconds.



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Perhaps a read through this will point you in the right direction?

The strip size won't matter for database and light OS duties. These are mostly random-access workloads, not streaming workloads.

I do hope your HDDs are really SSDs.

More importantly, make sure you do not over-allocate CPU cores and RAM.

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Then I will select the values ​​by default.

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