Optimize perspective session binded with large number of named queries

I have one perspective view which contains 120+ text components and 30+ charts components with 60 secs polling, which are binded with named query.

I would like to optimize my perspective application to be optimized.

Now my database table architecture looks like:

  1. I have very big table(master)
  2. I have 120+ text components, binded with named queries and I have 10+ dropdown. Now my 120+ text components should be filled based on dropdown values selected. Now it will create large number of queries from that master table and it will trigger 120 times the same master table based on dropdown value, which pass as parameter value.
  • How can I optimize this such scenario?

  • Can I cache this table somewhere in db OR create a view on top of that I bind the table to the components passing through respective parameters?