Optimizing Embedded View Scaling

I am currently working on optimizing our application that currently has a panning/zooming function with many separate SVGs on one screen. My question is with embedded views does the browser effectively have to do the calculations for rescaling twice? One for the embedded view object itself and another for the view inside it? In other words, had we directly used the SVGs inside our main view (rather than broken into several template views) would it be reasonable to expect the application to perform better?

Not really it depends.

If you are using scripts or bindings that pass along the size parameters then i guess yes.

If you use css or the percent based containers there shouldnt really be any noticable difference.

The main thing is initial loading time that gets affected by embedded views.

Are you having performance issues?

I see. I am just trying to find ways to optimize various aspects of my project, mostly to do with loading and CSS transforms. So just trying to get a better understanding of the general aspects of the things I’m dealing with.