Opto 22 Driver errors ignoring logger settings

First off this is connected with my previous ticket on Ignition logging.

I’m using the following as my appender, and it works well enough that we have it in production.

 <appender name="SysoutAppender" class="ch.qos.logback.core.ConsoleAppender">
		<pattern>BasePattern %p |M: %m |S: %replace(%ex{short}){'[\r\n]+', ''}%nopex | END %n</pattern>

Where things have gone wrong is that while most stack traces, such as those generated by scripts, are formatted and truncated correctly. The Opto 22 driver generates errors when it’s unable to connect. For some reason they do not conform to the pattern , not as listed above, nor when I provide a stackTracePattern. I’m unable to have any effect on the stack traces generated by the Opto 22 drivers, and it’s inundating my log storage.

I’m hoping someone might have some idea how these stack traces are bypassing my config and how I might get format them correctly.

Possibly that driver is printing instead of logging? Thereby getting just the wrapper handling? Consider posting on the Cirrus Link forum.

That certainly seems possible, I crossposted over there for it.