Oracle 9i and FactorySQL


I’ve been trying to get FactorySQL to work with a fresh Oracle 9i installation. Bear in mind while reading this that my Oracle knowledge is very limited. I had the installation already done on the deployment machine.

The first thing I could not do was use the native .NET Oracle driver included in FSQL. The error:

ORA-06401 : NETCMN : invalid driver designator

So I went the long way home and configured a DSN link. After talking to Nathan and Colby I believe this can be Oracle-related problem (like no “client” installed) that I will try to address later.

Apparently, the Oracle installation left a driver in the DSN configurator (you can call it in FSQL when configuring the database link). It was called “Oracle in OraHome92”. There was a nice “test” button there telling me everything was OK. So back to FSQL and I configured the DSN link. “Test” was OK, too.

But the groups wouldn’t log. They throwed this error when starting:

Pre-log check error: Definition file cannot be found for connection name.

It was a very simple thing, actually. FSQL has definition XML files to access different databases. All I had to do was go to the Oracle.xml file and add my driver name (“Oracle in OraHome92”) to the “Driver” tag. After this, the groups were logging fine, but with no timestamp.

When I added the timestamp, FSQL asked me to add the relevant column. After OKing the dialog, it would fail by telling me the column was already in the database… seemed like a perform/test incoherence to me. I checked in Oracle, and the column had a datatype of “TIMESTAMP(6)”, not supported by Oracle. I changed it to “DATE” and FSQL logged fine.

But it still would mess up table creation the same way, so I went to the Oracle.xml definition file and changed both mapping of OPC dates to database dates. I changed them from “TIMESTAMP” to “DATE”.

All’s working fine! Now I’ll try to solve the native connection method and report back. I hope someone will find this usefull.

Anyone else using Oracle with FSQL?

Óscar Sarabando