Oracle connection issue after upgrading Ignition 7.9.7 to v8.1.3

We recently upgraded Ignition from v7.9.7 to v8.1.3 and after that we have not been able to get a connection to an Oracle database that was working fine under v7.9.7. Are there any notable changes to be aware of or any know items in the configuration that may have been altered as part of the upgrade process?

Did you do a traditional upgrade or a fresh install and restore?

This will likely come down to needing the right Oracle JDBC driver version for the Oracle DB version and Java version (11) that Ignition 8 uses.

We followed the suggested upgrade path rather than a fresh install hoping to preserve all our connection settings. But apparently that didn’t completely work.

Kevin, what is the best way of determining the needed driver for this? I’m guessing I should determine the Oracle version as well, right?

Yes, figuring out the answer starts with knowing the Oracle DB version.

Kevin I have some additional information about this. It seems to have been coincident with our Ignition upgrade, that Oracle ran out of “handles” which seems to be due to the Ignition connection eating them up continuously for some reason. That apparently was a problem even in 7.9.7. So now we have free handles within Oracle to be consumed by incoming connections we are able to make a connection.

The question now is why does the connection from Ignition continue to eat away at the handles in Oracle until they are exhausted? The DBA indicates he has the limit set at a level that Oracle says would be typical of a VERY large Oracle installation. Is there a JDBC setting, maybe in the connection pooling section, that would cause this condition?

I don’t know anything about this, sorry. The only setting I could think has any effect is the connection pool size.

If nobody else here chimes in you might contact support and see if they’ve heard of anything like this.

OK. Thanks Kevin.