Oracle Express 11g Unwanted Tables

With a new installation of Oracle Express 11g there are about 75 tables that come with the installation that show up in Ignition and makes it hard to navigate to the tables that Ignition creates and the ones that I want to use.

Does anyone know if these tables can be removed?
Does anyone know how to create a new SID name that I could reference in Ignition?
I don’t know much about what a SID is or how to create one.
Can you have multiple SID names for a single installation of Express 11g?

Please help.

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a way to filter out those tables. We used to have code in the software that would filter out system tables for various DB systems, but we don’t try to do that any more. We probably could add a simple option somewhere (a wildcard based pattern on the DB translator, for example), that would do this.

In the mean time, your best bet is to just write queries by hand instead of using the DB browser (I’m guessing at which feature you’re using and running into this… you might just be using the query browser).


I just wanted to confirm that we’ve put a new table list filter parameter into the db translator for 7.3.2. You can specify a semi-colon separated list of simple patterns to filter out by going to Config>Database Drivers>Translators and editing the translator for the database you’re using.

This will be available from beta 3 onward.