Oracle Query - Hourly Count

I’m in need of some help on how to write a query. I pretty familiar with MSSQL but I am just starting on Oracle now. I know I need to use the Dual table in some way, I just can’t seem to get the syntax right.

Here is what I have so far, which returns the row count of each hour on a specific day (’{Root Container.Label 2.text}’ is a date)

SELECT trunc("TimeEntered",'HH') as t_stamp, count(*) as rate FROM myTable Where trunc("TimeEntered",'DD') = '{Root Container.Label 2.text}' GROUP BY trunc("TimeEntered", 'HH') ORDER BY t_stamp asc

However, the query about does not return a value of 0 if there is no data for that specific hour.

How do I join the above query with a table of 24 hours to get the hours with 0?