Order of version upgrade remote and main?

We are running IA 8.1.10, have a pair of redundant gateways and a pair of remote Ignition servers acting as IO servers. We also have the EAM module. Would like to upgrade from 8.1.10 to 8.1.17. Last time we upgraded, we ran into unexpected issues. So… questions:

  1. Should the main or remote pair be upgraded first? curiously not found in the best practices write up.
  2. Why is it recommended to upgrade to .17 from .0 or .1 but upgrade to .20 if running 7.9 ?


Where did you hear this?

You should always be able to upgrade from any version to the newest version. If that doesn’t work it’s a bug.


Please see note in left margin at this location - now I see that it is 7.9.20 not 10.1.20. Oversight on my part. Thanks. Upgrading or Patching a Redundant Ignition Pair – Inductive Automation Help Center