Organize array of nested OPCUA tags

Hi there,

I'm trying to find the best way to organize my tags from my PLC in a effective way. I have made a array of DUT/struct inside my Wago PLC like this:

If i import the "dut_error" or "dut_error[19]" i can not see the nested boolean values. If i import the "xErrorOpen" from array 19, i can not to the same for array 18, because they have the same name.

How can I do this effectively? I want the tags in the tag browser to look something like it does in the screenshot from the PLC, or in another way that is easy to find the correct tag :slight_smile:

If the server uses predictable NodeIds (OPC Item Path) then it should be fairly easy to create a corresponding UDT in Ignition and then create 21 instances of it or whatever.

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Thanks, i've never done that before. Can you please guide me how to do so?

This is how it looks in the tag browser:

And, is it possible to make UDT with nested inside nested?

Hi, so, i have been testin a little bit. Is it something like this you meant?

Yeah, that looks right. And yes, you can have UDTs nested inside of UDTs.

Great! Just got nested to work, but I have to pass the parameters 2 times though.

And, what will happen after power loss? Will these parameters be reset? And is it possible to pass the same parameter to both?

Is this a normal way of organizing? It feels like its easyer to create folders for each UDT instead :stuck_out_tongue: