Orientation of images is different between software

I am running a project in perspective which load images from the device camera or from the local drive and then display them on the screen.

The issue that is happening is that if the image has a portrait (vertical) orientation, the session running from an Android app or from Windows web browser shows always a horizontal orientation. This issue does not happen with a session running from an iOS app, which shows the correct orientation of the image (as per the EXIF data of the file).

Has anyone come across with the same situation or has ideas on how to solve it?

Thanks in advanced.

Unfortunately, Safari on iOS is the only browser that auto rotates images based on EXIF data. All other browsers keep the orientation the pixels were saved in.

If you wanted to get fancy, you could probably read the image bytes, parse the EXIF data, determine if a rotation was in the EXIF data, and then apply a rotation if needed in Perspective if the browser UserAgent show in the session properties wasn’t Safari on iOS.