Orphan Project Resources

Ignition Version 7.9.6

I am having trouble with orphan script modules and script folders both in the global project and in the regular projects. This seems to happen when I save frequently and sometimes when multiple designers are open. Sometimes when I try deleting a folder in the global project, it leaves behind some of the script modules. I cannot nail down the cause.

If the orphan script modules are left inside projects, bizarre import errors start showing up. The only way to resolve these errors is to find and delete the orphan script modules.

I have a hacky solution to removing the script module orphans through a manual process. I am looking into automating it, but before I do I wanted to see if anyone else had dealt with these problems already.


  1. How do I reduce the chances of this happening? Is there any way to entirely prevent this from happening?
  2. Does anyone have a solution already for finding and removing orphan script modules and folders from global and regular projects?

Upgrading from 7.9.6 is a good first step. There’s a laundry list of bugs fixed between that and latest 7.9. (7.9.18 is going to come out ~soon, if you want to wait for that).

As for removing orphaned script modules, it’s all held in the IDB - you’d have to basically reverse engineer our resource storage scheme to find things out.