Orphaned Alarm Event Data in datasource alarm_events table

Hey guys, I've run into this strange issue with some alarm events that are only storing the cleared events in my alarm_events table (journal). I know it is the cleared event as the eventype is '1':

I expect to see 2 other events for this alarm. An active event, and an acknowledged event, but I see neither of those.

However, I know that the active event data exists somewhere in the gateway, as the alarm table in perspective can pull up an active time for this alarm, which I can confrim by trending historical data for this tag as well:

So I know the active time it is showing is correct, even though there is no actual record of it in the alarm_event table (weird). However, the clear time is way off, it took weeks to clear when it should have cleared immediately when the tag value dropped back down to 0 about 15 minutes later.

I'm honestly not really sure what I am looking at here, or what is causing it.

I am attempting to build a report with the active and clear time of all these alarms, but whenever I query the alarm journal, there is no record available for the active time.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Is this a bug? Thanks for any insight that you guys have.

Quick update/clarification. The alarm in the perspective component is a separate event. But still some weird stuff going on.

This is a table of all the events for this specific alarm. The one in the perspective component is the 9121dfd0... event on 12-15 08:51, but the corresponding clear event with the same eventid is not the one on the perspective component. The table in the component is showing the most recent cleared event, which seems to continue to get generated, seemingly randomly, as there is no historical data between the 15th and now that might have caused an alarm event. Really confused by this.

Seems to be a fairly widespread issue, as I have just over 200k more clear events in my alarm table than active events. To my knowledge I feel like I should expect these to be 1 to 1, with the exception of alarms that are currently active and haven't cleared yet.

Here is the daily difference between cleared alarm events and active alarm events:

Based on this something changed in late October that started causing this issue, I'll start digging around to see what that might have been and bring that information back here.

October 26th was the exact day that I upgraded my gateway to 8.1.33.

Sure looks like a bug. You open a support ticket and get a definitive answer.

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