OSIsoft PI vs Ignition as SCADA solutions

I try my client to convince them to use Ignition instead of OSIsoft PI. So I need some info on what Ignition offers except the really better price to win against OSIsoft PI.
What makes me shocked is OSI PI has something like Perspective to create responsive web pages for visulization.
Our application has a fast data rate change of 150ms to 500ms for 2000 points and a lot of custom SQL tables.
Of course, for the times series database, it is the better option here but Ignition also can support InfluxDB for that.
Thanks for any idea or experience on this.

From my experience, OSIsoft has their own renowned time series database as well they use SQL for some features (like PI Asset framework). OSIsoft has attractive web application called PI vision which is actually so easy to prepare any data visualization screen in demand, Example: operations team can immediately can prepare one for their sudden meetings. just in few mins with no special skills required (something similar to dashboard component in prespective, but PI vision has so advanced features.). Yes as you said data retrieval rate is un-believably fast even when we make a query for years. People who has transformed from OSIsoft to Ignition can easily differentiate the data retrieval performance. We can say its just a pure historian and contextual data visualization. the hype got even increased when aveva acquired OSIsoft.

On other hand, We know ignition is a multi-domain platform. Where we can develop the industrial applications as per the client requirement. It can be SCADA, MES or just a Historian with data visualization. For data analytics to query years of data we depend on separate web applications. I believe large group of audiences feel comfortable with what ever the ignition offers at the reasonable price.

Thanks your answer is really helpful. So if we combine influxdb connector with ignition can we achieve the same performance ?

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Yes I think, If IA tightly couples the influxdb with ignition platform. It should resolve so many things. In addition IA also need to encourage sophisticated features like DIY screens in perspective. Which is actually going to empower the operations teams (or any client users).

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What do you mean of DIY screens?
What I really like is to have some features like power BI which is easy and fast to show data without any coding.

DIY - Do It Yourself.
Exactly as you mean, it should be just drag the tag (data point) drop it as (or on) desired component . Importantly no coding. Any novoice user can just learn in few clicks.

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Hi Very useful thread and comparison with the latest edition of both PI and Ignition