Other Complementary Trending/Analytic Software Used

I’m still fairly new to Ignition and control system design and I’m curious what other software packages do people use to complement Ignition? While I absolutely love Ignition so far for at the HMI level of controlling machinery and viewing quick plots I feel like it is lacking in a few higher level areas.

First of all I’m looking for a better way to trend data and create dashboards that anyone can create or modify without any(minimal) programing knowledge. An example of this might be Canary labs Axiom, although I’ve never used it.

I’m also looking into other software that can do analytics on the historical data, a kind of plant intelligence software package. The type of software that claims to be able to detect equipment problems before they come up.

Does anyone have any experience and suggestions in those 2 areas? Or could possibly point me in the right direction if Ignition has such capabilities that I don’t know about.

I would start by browsing some of the modules presented by ignition:
Chirp in the above list has some interesting features.

Also, Seeq has a pretty useful ignition implementation.

In the past, when companies I worked for needed very specific custom historian features, we just dug into the java and wrote it ourselves. It takes some time,but we made some pretty cool stuff that worked well.

May be this can help you.