Other uses for Ignition Topic


I was very excited about a proposed project recently at my widget factory! I was suggested to get the project; when my managers discussed with me what it was I couldn’t wait to post to the discussion board. The project is to build in house our own “vending machines”. currently we use Fastenal and their contract prices are apparently a driving factor that has prompted the interest to build our own.
I was excited because I know that with a PLC and a few other necessities such as an Ignition project I could accomplish the construction of our own machines with inventory tracking and everything.
I also do not want to forget about the fact that I could possibly buy an off the shelf solution.

I wanted to post to the discussion and see what the community thinks?
I love all the possibilities that Ignition delivers! Excited to hear back!!

This spars some imagination for me, as we had been looking at the Fastenal machines… Are you looking to retrofit a vending machine or building from scratch?