Out of memory errors

Hello, I am working on a project and everything has been going fine the past month or so. I am running Ignition on a Docker instance and while I was in the designer last night everything started freezing up and my client wouldn't launch. It just gets stuck on the Loading Project step when refreshing the browser. I have attached the screenshot of my gateway logs. I haven't ever had memory issues before so I don't really know where to begin. Just hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Have your tried giving your docker instance more memory (and adjusting ignition.conf to use it)?

If it's possible to get a thread dump from the gateway right now it may help troubleshooting.

I have not yet. I was leaning towards that but wasn't sure simply because I haven't had this problem before. But this is the first project where I have pulled as much data as I am.

It's telling me my thread dump is too large to put on here. Is there a better way to get it to you?

Try zipping it first?

Yeah....Let's pretend I didn't ask that question :rofl:
ThreadDump.zip (294.0 KB)

Ok, so the issue is that you're doing something in Perspective that is blowing up the thread count. Usually it's something like doing a long blocking action in a transform or something like that. There's like 4500 Perspective worker threads in that dump.

So you probably don't need more memory. Instead, I'd call support and have them try to help you figure out what's going on.

Ok thank you very much.

As a temporary bandaid, you could set a restriction on the number of threads Perspectives' various queues will create: