Outlook Public Contacts

I would like to (select * from OutlookPublicContacts). To get contact data that exsists already into my project. Is there a way to attach to that data?

I don’t think this question is really answerable, besides “yes”.

Ignition is extremely good at working with database tables, so there are a bunch of different parts of the system that this question might apply to. Why don’t you elaborate for us?


Everything I can find goggling this topic talks about MAPI not JDBC. I have done some stuff moving data between Excel/Outlook/PowerPoint, but never to an outside application like Ignition. How do I setup a connection to the Outlook server to make queries on that data?

I’ve never done that before. Does Outlook server support ODBC? If so you could use the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver

Well I did a search on that and yes, but very limited on what fields are available, and no info on what to put in the Connect URL or Extra Connection Properties of the Edit Database Connection screen in ignition.

//icsserver/exchange/ ???

integratedSecurity=true; ???

Not sure how to find out about connection properties I need.

Not sure if they have anything listed that applies, but you might want to look here: